Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Room

I have just recently got my room redone and couldn't be happier to be sharing it with you today. I repainted it and got all new furniture. In my old room, I had problems with space and the mess. So I bought new storage and got rid of my old dresser to create more room. 

This is where I store my makeup. Its not all of my makeup, but the things I tend to use more often than others. I bought the shelving off Urban Outiftters and got the deal of 2 shelves for $40 which was quite a bargain. They hold a lot and are very easy to put up on the wall. 

This is my desk area, which I couldn't take a decent picture of seeing as my room is so small. But I have my full length mirror which I got from apotlight for $50. My Desk which is from Warehouse Stationery, and I did a DIY desk cover as you can see, which i made from heaps of cool pictures. Above my computer I have another DIY project, which was my inspiration corkboard. I also bought a matching chair from Briscoes for $35.

This is where my previous problem lyed. I had a huge dresser which took up so much room. So I got some open draws and put them into my wardrobe. I also had a huge clothing clean put which took away loads of clothes. So these are all my clothed and shoes and it is so tidy.

This is my favourite spot in my room. I am in love with my bedspread which I got from Urban Outfitters for $50 and the pillow covers for $35. I do need a new blanket seeing as the cheetah print doesn't match it. I also bought a new orange bedside table which I am in love with and my Zebra and Tiger wallart. 

Overall I am so happy with my new room and can't wait to fill it up with more DIY projects. 


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Up The Mountain I Go

Last monday I went on a class trip up the mountain for Geography. It was the first time I have been up the mountain even though i have lived here my whole life. I have only just realised what I have been missing out on. I loved it so much and really didn't want to go back home. On the first day we spent about 5 hours tramping to get to the hut we stayed at.

 We went outside when it got dark and watched the stars come out and it was the most magical thing i ever saw. Then in the morning my dorm got up at 6.30 to watch the sun rise. Which was also so amazing. I realised on this trip that we take things like nature for granted and never really watch its true beauty.

We got up on tuesday morning and went hiking for another 4 hours to the visitir centre and by this time I was so sore and tired. I cannot wait to go up threre again. It was defiantly my favourite class trip I have ever been on,

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Product Empties- Will I repurchase ?

Today I have 4 empty products to share with you, and I will tell you whether I will repurchase or not. In my empties I have my maybelline fit me foundation, Schwarzkopf hair mask, lush shower gel in ponche and bio oil. I have had the fit me foundation for about 8 months now and it has lasted me way longer than i expected for 30 ml. I now realize that I would rather spend a little bit more money on something better quality if it will last me that long so I will not repurchase. The Schwarzkopf hair mask is the best one that I have every used. It leaves my hair smelling so lush and feels so soft, plus it lasts such a long time, so I will be repurchasing this one. The body wash in ponche is from lush that I received in the Christmas box. It smells so good and leaves my body so soft. I will be repurchasing this for sure. But maybe in a different scent. The bio oil I have used for over a course of just under a year and I use if for a range of different things. I like to use it on my face as it keeps it hydrated and gives me a healthy glow. It works very well and already have repurchased 3 more bottles. 

Beauty Haul

I have recently bought a whole lot of beauty related things and thought that I would share it all with you. I have collected these over a few months from various places. I have become really quite obsessed with the maybelline colour tattoos, so I bought a new one in pomegranate punk. A NYX pigment in light baby pink. Calvin Klein perfume which smells so perfect for a everyday smell. O.P.I nail polish remover. Maybelline fit me concealer, the body shop hand cream in peach and a mini pack of face cleansers and moisturizers. 

I have started to rely on the batiste dry shampoo to clean my hair for me seeing as washing my hair is the biggest pain ever, so I have stocked up on it. I also bought the simple mini pack to test their products out. I wanted to test them before I bought the bigger versions. Also another bio oil, because you can never have enough bio oil. 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Everyday Make Up

Day after day I wear the same makeup to school and it is so simple and cheap. So I thought that I would share with you what I use on a regular basis for people on a budget. The first thing I apply is my maybelline BB cream using my fingers as I find it much easier than a brush. I then apply my MUA Matte Perfect powder on top along with my MUA matte pink eye shadow. Following that I use my maybelline the rocket mascara and maybelline baby lips. This takes a maximum of 4 minutes to apply and makes such a huge difference to my face during the day. Altogether it cost around about $30.00 for all the products shown here. 

Auckland Haul

 I just recently went to Auckland for a holiday and thought it would only be right to share with you what I bought when I was there. I bought my very first pair of Doc Martins in purple. I still can't believe it that I own a pair !

I bought this zebra onesie from Factorie for $34.99. I love it as it is not thick or too thin. Its good for many different types of weather. 

I bought a kimono from Cotton On for $30.00. I love this cheetah print as it is eye catching and goes with so much of my wardrobe. 

 I bought this t-shirt from Temt for $20.00. I love this as it is so light and thin and can go with so much as well. 
 I bought way too many notebooks. I loved then way too much with their cute designs. They were 3 for $12 at Typo.

Healthy Breakfast Idea

I have recently really been into healthy eating and came up with this one morning and really wanted to share this with you. This is so simple and cheap. I made this with things I already had in my kitchen. You will need 
- 1/4 cup prunes, raisins and apricots. 
- 1 cup yogurt
-handful of raspberries
- handful of walnuts 
Put the prunes, apricots and raisins onto a plate. Then the yogurt into a bowl, then put the raspberries into a microwave safe bowl and put them on defrost until they turn semi liquid then add onto on yogurt then the walnuts on top. Voila a yummy and healthy breakfast.