Friday, 14 March 2014

Everyday Make Up

Day after day I wear the same makeup to school and it is so simple and cheap. So I thought that I would share with you what I use on a regular basis for people on a budget. The first thing I apply is my maybelline BB cream using my fingers as I find it much easier than a brush. I then apply my MUA Matte Perfect powder on top along with my MUA matte pink eye shadow. Following that I use my maybelline the rocket mascara and maybelline baby lips. This takes a maximum of 4 minutes to apply and makes such a huge difference to my face during the day. Altogether it cost around about $30.00 for all the products shown here. 


  1. Nice to see your routine! You use some nice products.

  2. Meybelline mascara is my favorite! I use the volume express. Few lip products are as silky as Baby Lips~ *^__^*

  3. I also like this BB cream, especially for my everyday makeup. Thanks for sharing;)