Thursday, 6 March 2014

'Lips' Collection

 I have recently bought so many lip products and couldn't wait to share them all with you. I know that it isn't a lot. But to be honest, I never wear lipstick. I do love my lip balms and lip glosses though. I store all my lip products in this little container that I got from a watch I bought, the brand Fossil. I find it perfect as it stores everything perfectly and has a pretty design on the outside.

On the far left I have three lip glosses. I have Miki, L.A colour and w7. The w7 is my ultimate go to lip gloss as it feels so nice on the lips and has the best smell of marshmallows. It also leaves the most natural colour on your lips which I love the most, whereas the other two have a lot of shimmer in them. I then have my Revlon baby stick which is actually for your lips and cheeks. I have 4 nyx lipsticks in pure red, narcissus, gala, bruised. One maybelline lipstick in pleasure me red. I have 4 lip balms, blistex, yes to carrots and 2 baby lips. Then I have my all time favourite lip butter by spa paradisa in coconut. Then 2 lush products, the bubblegum lip scrub and the santa baby red lip tint. 

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