Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Up The Mountain I Go

Last monday I went on a class trip up the mountain for Geography. It was the first time I have been up the mountain even though i have lived here my whole life. I have only just realised what I have been missing out on. I loved it so much and really didn't want to go back home. On the first day we spent about 5 hours tramping to get to the hut we stayed at.

 We went outside when it got dark and watched the stars come out and it was the most magical thing i ever saw. Then in the morning my dorm got up at 6.30 to watch the sun rise. Which was also so amazing. I realised on this trip that we take things like nature for granted and never really watch its true beauty.

We got up on tuesday morning and went hiking for another 4 hours to the visitir centre and by this time I was so sore and tired. I cannot wait to go up threre again. It was defiantly my favourite class trip I have ever been on,


  1. That looks absolutely beautiful x


  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)
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    That sounds wonderful! I wish my class trips were like this, haha

  3. Looks beautiful but I'm not surprised you were sore and tired after! :)