Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Room

I have just recently got my room redone and couldn't be happier to be sharing it with you today. I repainted it and got all new furniture. In my old room, I had problems with space and the mess. So I bought new storage and got rid of my old dresser to create more room. 

This is where I store my makeup. Its not all of my makeup, but the things I tend to use more often than others. I bought the shelving off Urban Outiftters and got the deal of 2 shelves for $40 which was quite a bargain. They hold a lot and are very easy to put up on the wall. 

This is my desk area, which I couldn't take a decent picture of seeing as my room is so small. But I have my full length mirror which I got from apotlight for $50. My Desk which is from Warehouse Stationery, and I did a DIY desk cover as you can see, which i made from heaps of cool pictures. Above my computer I have another DIY project, which was my inspiration corkboard. I also bought a matching chair from Briscoes for $35.

This is where my previous problem lyed. I had a huge dresser which took up so much room. So I got some open draws and put them into my wardrobe. I also had a huge clothing clean put which took away loads of clothes. So these are all my clothed and shoes and it is so tidy.

This is my favourite spot in my room. I am in love with my bedspread which I got from Urban Outfitters for $50 and the pillow covers for $35. I do need a new blanket seeing as the cheetah print doesn't match it. I also bought a new orange bedside table which I am in love with and my Zebra and Tiger wallart. 

Overall I am so happy with my new room and can't wait to fill it up with more DIY projects. 



  1. Blue chair is so nice... And Collin`s Dictionary is familiar;)

  2. I love the shelves! :)

  3. It's always nice to get your room redone. I especially like your new shelves;)

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  5. I love the colour blue of your table and chair, your room looks great! I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying your posts!

  6. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring blogger award! :)

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